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plural feet play \ˈfēt\ also foot 2 :  an invertebrate organ of locomotion or attachment; especially :  a ventral muscular surface or process of a mollusc 3 :  any of various units of length based on the length of the human foot; especially :  a unit equal to 1⁄3 garden and comprising 12 inches plural foot used between a number and a noun plural feet or foot used between a number and an adjective — see weight table 4 :  the basic unit of verse meter consisting of any of various fixed combinations or groups of stressed and unstressed or long and short syllables 5 a :  motion or power of walking or running :  step b :  speed, swiftness 6 :  something resembling a foot in position or use: as a :  the lower end of the leg of a chair or table b 1 :  the basal portion of the sporophyte in mosses 2 :  a specialized outgrowth by which the embryonic sporophyte especially of many bryophytes absorbs nourishment from the gametophyte c :  a piece on a sewing machine that presses the cloth against the feed 7 foot plural chiefly British :  infantry 8 :  the lower edge as of a sail 9 :  the lowest part :  bottom 10 a :  the end that is lower or opposite the head b :  the part as of a stocking that covers the foot 11 foots plural but sing or plural in constr :  material deposited especially in ageing or refining :  dregs

But now, scientists say the problem may date back to 1945 The inside track on Washington politics. Be the first to know about new stories from PowerPost. Sign up to follow, and well e-mail you free updates as theyre published. Youll receive free e-mail news updates each time a new story is published. Youre all set! Crevasses on Pine Island Glacier. (J Smith.) Science likes to surprise us. Thats the extraordinary, mind-opening thing about it. Its possible that is nowhappening with one of the most stunning stories yet in the climate change saga the finding that the enormous glaciers of West Antarctica appear to be retreating in an unstoppable way . a process which, if it continues, could ultimately turn the West Antarctic ice sheet into an area of wide open ocean and raise global sea levels by 10 feet. It has long been assumed that this destabilization of West Antarcticawas caused by human-induced climate change.

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The symptoms of retinoblastoma arise due to the presence of a tumour in one’s retina that ultimately spreads throughout the eye. Through this technique, both the eyes have to perform two different functions independently. This problem can be effectively taken care of, by using an oxygen barrier, or segregating the iron-based materials from the tubing. Once installed, granite is difficult to remove and on removal, will damage the kitchen cabinets; thus, replacing them would mean remodelling the kitchen. The term ‘colectomy’ refers to the surgical resection of the colon. Tenderness of scalp and headache can be a symptom of several diseases and disorders. While you use the lowest gear for starting up, you need to shift to higher gear for fuel-efficient driving. This article discusses some of the possible causes of canine ear infection,… Find out more about its causes, symptoms, and treatment. A gradually progressing disease, otosclerosis is an ailment that is related to hearing impairment. site web

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