Eating Foods High In Salicylates And Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids Such As Dried Fruits, Nuts Almonds, Cashew Nuts Will Not Only Help To Get Rid Of This Problem But Will Also Prevent Formation Of Blood Clots In Future.

The bone is actually not fractured but is inflamed to a large extent. A better option go to these guys to detect a fracture is to undergo a bone scan. Keep a close watch on any discomfort or unusual pain in case of any complications. They may also develop ulcers and sores in the legs and feet that may take time to heal. This approach is effective to avoid recurrent incidences of hammertoe. Notice whether you are experiencing pain in the toes particularly after you wear tight footwear. Eating foods high in salicylates and omega 3 essential fatty acids such as dried fruits, nuts almonds, cashew nuts will not only help to get rid of this problem but will also prevent formation of blood clots in future. Treatment: Consult a doctor immediately, in case you are experiencing the above symptoms, along with blue colouration. Bone remodelling is initiated as soon as the broken bone has unified. A sternal fracture is also called a chest fracture.

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